How to Safely Microdose Medical Marijuana


Microdosing is the most effective method for easing medical marijuana use. Medical marijuana has numerous health benefits when used responsibly: mentally and physically.

The main goal of microdosing is to receive the medicinal benefits without experiencing a high. Experts in the field of medical marijuana recommend starting with a lower dose to allow yourself ample time to experience the effects before increasing it.

As a result, our alternative treatment would like to assist you in learning more about microdosing medical marijuana. At Healthy Living, we take into account not only the various health requirements of our patients but also the various preferences they have.

We always try to assure as private and with the utmost confidentiality as possible because we are aware that many individuals are still concerned about public knowledge of medical cannabis use. We offer services to customers looking for a reliable service that can truly meet a variety of health requirements, such as availing of a medical marijuana card in West Virginia.

Typically, a microdose is between 1 and 2.5 milligrams. The goal of microdosing is to get as much therapeutic benefit from as little cannabis as possible. Additionally, the effects of medical marijuana might differ from person to person. Our West Virginia cannabis service advises waiting 30 to 2 hours before experiencing effects. Within ten minutes of taking your first dose, you should never take more than 2.5 milligrams of THC or CBD.

Before increasing your dosage, wait at least two hours, depending on the relief you want. Contact our medical marijuana physicians for guidance on how to proceed properly.

For more information about the proper technique of microdosing, feel free to set an appointment with us. We can also help you file for a medical cannabis card.

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