Can Medical Marijuana Help with Autoimmunity?


Autoimmunity (AI) is an “attack on self” where the immune system gets triggered and thinks that the body’s healthy tissues are invaders. Our immune system is mediated by beta cells which produce antibodies to foreign invaders. They attack foreign invaders in the body. However, many holistic health care professionals feel that autoimmune conditions may be reversed or greatly resolved. In typical treatment protocols, patients are not given information about dietary changes and are generally told that pharmaceutical medications are required to get better.

Steroids are a commonly prescribed medication for autoimmunity to lower inflammation and suppress the immune system. If someone has autoimmunity and chronic pain, steroids may not help address the root of the discomfort. In general, immunosuppressive therapy is incredibly expensive and not always effective.

Herbs and foods that work to modulate the immune system are ideal for someone dealing with an autoimmune condition. West Virginia cannabis and other adaptogenic herbs are known to be immune-modulating.

Cannabis medicine, with the assistance of a medical cannabis card, may also treat symptoms of specific autoimmune diseases like ALS, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, fibromyalgia, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and others. Additional approaches one can take to lower inflammation are a whole-food diet, probiotics and prebiotics, herbal medicine, exercise, and sufficient sleep.

There are holistic approaches to managing autoimmunity, even though it may be a complicated and challenging situation that necessitates further investigation. Although dealing with an autoimmune disease can be difficult, it can also be a chance to reconnect with your body.

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