Positive Effects of Cannabis on Cognitive Function


Despite its potential uses as a natural medicine, many still hold misconceptions about its effects on cognitive function. For example, although some studies have found deficits in short-term memory among frequent users of marijuana, these findings have been challenged by other studies that show no such association between cannabis use and poor memory performance.

In one study, the researchers found that participants who used cannabis were more likely to perform better on memory tasks than non-users. The effect of cannabis on memory was more pronounced in people who used cannabis daily and had been using it for extended periods.

They found that the Cannabidiol (CBD) content of cannabis plants affected how well it helped with memory problems. In another study, they found that CBD improved performance on verbal learning and memory tasks.

West Virginia cannabis has been legalized but only for medical purposes. Marijuana is still a classified controlled substance in some US states which means it is against the law to possess, administer, or sell it.

Suppose you are a registered patient with a medical marijuana card in West Virginia. In that case, you have access to four ounces of botanical cannabis (flower) every 30 days or a 90-day supply of THC-A or CBD oil.

At Healthy Living, we will help you acquire your medical cannabis card in four easy steps:

  • See if you meet the requirements for a qualifying condition that the West Virginia Office of Medical Cannabis has approved.
  • Schedule a consultation. See a physician via telehealth and make payment.
  • Obtain documentation for your Medical Cannabis Certification.
  • Register with the state of Virginia.

We’ll assist you in overcoming your challenges and moving toward better health and living through natural medicine. Call us today at 704-885-1702 for more inquiries.

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